• First success, first love

    Today, I'm going to present you my favourite album : Born to Run. 


    First success, first love


    Unquiestionably one of the best rock album ever released. His first success, my first love in music. I was about 12 years old when I heard for the very first time "Born to Run". 

    It's useless to tell you how much I was impressed by the power of this song. From 4 years, it's still and will always be my favourite album. 

    "Jungleland'... What can I say about this one ? The saxophone is splendid, even majestic. The piano at the beginning is simple, but there's so much passion behind it. Yea, that's it. The thing that impressed me a lot with his music, is the way he transforms simple melodies into something really powerful. 

    For exemple, take "Land of Hope and Dreams" and listen carefully at the voices at the beginning. It comes slowly, and it grow up stronger and stronger, harder and harder... 

    To give a conclusion, Born to Run have the most beautiful melodies, the most great songs than any other albums. 



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