• Hello everybody !!!

    Welcome all Tramps from the world! 

    First, I'm french, so my english isn't perfect at all, and I apologize for that! 

    I'm a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen since four years now. I went to my first concert, on the fourth of July, in 2012, in Paris. It was a magical moment, and I'll never forget it. At this time, I was not a "hard fan", I only knew a few songs, like "Hungry Heart", "The River" and "We take care of our own"! But it didn't avoid me to have fun, and to enjoy this moment. There, I bought my first tee shirt. One people had the same, and we talked. I understood one thing there, we all are a family. From the youngest fan to the very first fan, we all take care of our own. Springsteen's music bring us together. 

    And from this moment, I only met amazing people, who are really important to me today. 

    So, I want to say : Thank you Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band. I wish I'll meet you. Until this day, I keep dreaming, I stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive. 

  • Hi all! 

    A long time I didn't write anything... Anyway, Springsteen is always there, right? 

    Like other millions fans, I heard with joy that he came back on a tour! 

    So I got my tickets for 11th of July, and I go there with my little sister!! 

    I can't wait, I wanted to share that with you. I feel so excited, i can't sleep anymore, I always wonder how it will be (it's my first rock concert by myself...) 

    I will share with you that event!! 

    Love ya all 



    Paris Bercy!

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  • I need help... Since a few days, I didn't listen to Bruce Springsteen. Since 5 days I think. I hope it'll be just for a moment. Maybe it's time for me to discover other artists. Anyway, I still love him, I still have his whole albums on my iPod, I still enjoy his songs, his voice... 


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  • It's been a long time I didn't wrote anything... 

    Today, I'm not going to talk about Bruce Springsteen himself, but the way I'm, we are, living with the man and his music. 

    I'm 17. My first concert was when I was 14. It was a great night. I saw the connection between all the fans, it was really beautiful. As you maybe know, I subscribed on a group, Bruce Springsteen, where I met a lot of person, really important to me today! 

    But in my real life, things are different. My friends don't understand my passion for him. So as my family. It's not easy everyday, because I always listen to his music. It annoys my friends. But what can I do ?

    well, I don't want to seem sad! On the contrary, I'm nothing but extremely happy! I have the impression that he's everywhere. For example, my favorite actor is Robert de Niro. Some people says that when he says his famous speeches "you talin' to me", he was inspired by a Springsteen concert. Can you imagine? I mean, I couldn't believe it. Maybe it's true, maybe not. Some people want to destroy it by saying that it's not true. Don't care. I don't care. 


    Bruce Springsteen is not a normal singer. He's so much more that the others. I don't why... I don't know why he changed my life, more than The Beatles did. I can't love others singers, others band. That's weird... 


    I recently watched an interview, by Antoine de Caunes, a french broadcoaster. In it, he seemed to be so simple,  so nice. I mean, he's not like "Hey, it's Bruce Springsteen, everybody loves me, I'm the best". No, he's "humble". He's soo perfect! 


    Bruce springsteen : just a singer, or the part of our lives ?    

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  • Two days ago, I listened Bruce Springsteen, just as always. Suddenly, in my ears, I heard a wonderful melody. "Drive all night"... The real ones know what I'm talking about! 

    This song of 8mn is simply his most beautiful song. His voice is incredibly beautiful, powerful. I listened it 5 in a row. 

    So, today, let me introduce you to the most beautiful slow ever written, and it's live. 

    Just one advice : loud in your ears, it's magical. 


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